• Steve Thomas

A Smouldering Wick

I love the rains; I love the monsoons, so much so that I can spend hours sipping on my coffee while my never ending playlist of classic rock blares in the background.

While you imagine the monsoons, I want you to picture a rainy evening. Hear the sound of raindrops melodiously pitter-patter on the roof, the mist of warm moist fogging up your spectacles, as you breathe the sweet earthy fragrance of rain. Now as you look further, imagine a room dimly lit. In the corner of the room is a beautiful scented candle, lit on a wooden stand. The candle has been burning, lighting up the evening and also diffusing a fresh Aroma. Now this candle has been burning for quite some time, adding a sense of peace and tranquillity to the room. But as time passes by the candle burns off bit by bit. It slowly but steadily bleeds off its fragrance and fuel up to a stage where there is nothing but a stuttering flame and a smouldering wick,

Some of us are like that candle. We started this walk of life with so much passion and energy. We spread our fragrance everywhere we went. We were the light in a dark room, we were the sweet fragrance that bought comfort. People loved to have us around and Our energy was as though it was on a performance enhancement drug. We were passionate about things around us. This may be true in our relationships too. We may have started off with a bang. However, over time, we have given off so much of ourselves, we are at the end of the wick. Probably our spiritual lives too are in a similar place. The increasing expectations, the pressures and pains of this world have suppressed the fire in us. The passion that was once burning within us is almost burnt out. A slight blow is all it needs for it to snuff out. This has been my story, a story of a candle that has almost run dry emotionally, physically and spiritually. The fuel that once lit my candle bright seems to have almost run out. The flame that burned strong is now stuttering. The aroma that once bought a sense of peace is now overpowered and suppressed by the various smells in the background. If you, like me going through this phase in life, let me draw your attention to a verse from Matthew 12:20 which say "A bruised reed he will not break, and a smouldering wick he will not snuff out, till he has brought justice through to victory." What!? I don’t know about you, but this blew my mind. A smouldering wick he will not snuff out. This is not any random statement; Jesus is quoting from the Old Testament. He knows that your oil has run dry and the fragrance you once carried is dying out. Remember that this a promise from covenant keeping God assuring you that as you draw from him, your oil will never run dry and your fragrance will never fade out. He will never let you candle snuff out.

As I write this is must confess that most often than not I go through these emotions, but let me assure. God doesn’t leave you dry and empty. Every time I go through these thoughts, I keep running back to the cross, and our promise keeping God never sends me back empty handed.

As you read this. If you are in this stage of life, struggling to keep your candle burning, I strongly believe that God is going to breathe afresh the same wind he blew into Adam, the breath of life. He is going to revive and rekindle that fire in you, in a way you have never experienced before. The Holy Spirit is going to blow like the wind and bring a revival to your dying passion, and bring Life to your broken heart and contrite spirit. If you’ve never done this before, I want to encourage you to look to the Cross. The cross where Jesus sacrificed himself to ensure that we have life and life in abundance. As you receive the fresh Inflow of his presence, and experience a rekindled fire burning within you, Keep drawing from him and burning.

Spread your fragrance, spread the love!

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