• Steve Thomas

A Deck of Cards

One of the things we do as a family during this Lockdown is play cards. The games are usually very competitive and everyone is usually trying their best to win the game. Now, the thing about these games is irrespective of how talented you are or however well you know the game, one of the major factors that determine whether you win or lose the game is the hand you have been dealt. If you've been dealt a bad hand of cards your probability of winning the game is merely bleak.

Well, this is true with life too. Many times when I look at my immediate circumstances, I've felt that I've been dealt a bad hand of cards. As though my destiny has failure written all over it. Often times, however hard you try to win, there is nothing much you can do about it. And the most depressing part about this is that You have absolutely no control over what is dealt to you. Over the past year or so, I've been battling with my circumstances. Fighting my thoughts that keep telling me that my creator has chosen the worst cards for me in this phase. And let me tell you, the struggle is real. My Heckler keeps reminding me of my failure.

In these situations, I've been looking to the Lord in desperation for direction. For motivation for each passing day.

As I was praying and blurting out my thoughts to God he reminded me of an incident In Acts 27/28 Paul and luke were on their way to Italy to meet Caesar to present his case and also with the agenda of reaching out to the Romans. They were on a mission trip. Now they say anointing takes you places, Though they don't specify what kind of places. But in their case they were dealt an absolutely bad deck - their deck included almost 14 days of storm, a shipwreck, a snake bite and an absolutely new country - Malta. Malta wasn't on their agenda at all. But guess what happens there. Malta was destined to experience one of its greatest revivals. The barbarians were destined to experience the supernatural touch of the saviour.

I'm also reminded of the incident When Moses encountered God on the mount. Moses was dealt a bad hand too. He was stuck in the desert, running for his life. But what really got my attention is the question God asks Moses - What is that you have in your hand? If I were Moses, I would have definitely said ' a bad hand of cards!!' But you know the story. God used what was in his hands - figuratively a staff to perform a supernatural miracle. I believe God is asking you right now. What is in your hands? Now you have a choice here either to give it into God's hands and wait for a miracle or wallow in pain. The bad hand that you've been dealt is an opportunity for God to do a miracle, for him to bring revival to someone somewhere in unexpected ways. The choice is up to you.

Choose wisely!!

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